Make your mark on Brickfields park

We are working with Bath and North East Somerset Council to make Brickfields Park a more welcoming and enjoyable place to be for you, our teenagers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough with nearly 400,000 children and young people seeking support for mental health problems. We can help address this in Bath through our parks and green spaces.

Brickfields Park has huge potential. It is the only park in Bath with a full size, free to use basketball court and has established football leagues.

During Bath & North East Somerset Council’s consultation with local people, responses from teenagers were few and far between. Now we are reaching out to 11-19 years olds living nearby to understand what you want from your park.

Make space for girls

We are also working with Make Space for Girls. We know that teenage girls can feel more unsafe than boys in public spaces and 82% of girls think they should be more involved in designing public spaces. Sports provision is well established in the Park but tends to be enjoyed by boys. If you are a teenage girl, we especially want to hear from you to ensure that girls can feel safe and be active in Brickfields Park too.