Love Your Park Community Fund

Our Love Your Park Community Fund is helping communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic whilst cherishing their green spaces.

All projects in the first grant round demonstrated how they will help communities to recover from the pandemic by connecting with those who do not regularly benefit from a green space, are socially isolated or without a garden of their own.

Explore below to find out more about the exciting projects we’ve funded in 2021.

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We are extremely grateful to the local people and businesses who generously donated towards our first grant round. Can you donate towards the next round?

  • Blooming Whiteway

    Blooming Whiteway are going to develop a Peace Garden and Memorial Space in Whiteway Green so people have a quiet peaceful space to engage with the many losses experienced during the pandemic as well as an opportunity to connect with nature.

    Blooming Whiteway
  • Grow Batheaston

    Grow Batheaston will use their funding to involve their local community in creating managed wildflower meadows to improve the local environment and raise awareness of how we all can contribute to the climate emergency.

    Grow Batheaston
  • Keynsham Abbey Working Group

    Keynsham Abbey Working Group want to raise awareness of the Abbey remains, so funding for their website, information signs and medieval plants and herbs will draw people into the park and spark their interest in this unique historical site.

  • Grow Green Carolina

    Grow Green Carolina are developing Dove Street Open Space by planting bulbs, fruit trees and bulbs to encourage children, older residents and people with disabilities to enjoy their local green space.

    Dove Gardens
  • Hillfields Community Garden

    This group is doubling the number of raised beds and buying equipment so that local residents can connect with nature.

    Hillfields Community Garden
  • Chaplin Community Garden Association

    Chaplin Community Garden Association intend to build on their successful volunteering activities and engage their local community to develop and nurture the garden so local people can access nature and a calm and green environment close to home.

    Chaplin Community Garden, Easton
  • Friends of Hartcliffe Millennium Green

    Friends of Hartcliffe Millennium Green are continuing with their work to increase community pride in their park and an injection of funding for tools and equipment will help with their mission to get more people involved in maintaining the park for all local people.

    Friends of Hartcliffe Millennium Green
  • Friends of Doncaster Road Park & Embleton Playground

    The group are using their funding to display signs and publicise the many benefits which both green spaces have to offer their local communities, so people feel welcomed and engaged with their local green spaces

  • Manor Woods Valley Group

    Manor Woods Valley will be running a Forest School for young people who have struggled as a result of the pandemic, to improve their self confidence and self esteem and nurture a lifelong interest in volunteering.

    Manor Woods Valley Group
  • Dame Emily Park Project

    Dame Emily Park Project are also running a Forest School but for pre school and primary aged children in the inner city to encourage their love of nature, understanding of sustainability and the importance of looking after our precious green spaces.

    Dame Emily Park Project
  • Redcliffe Gardening Club

    Redcliffe Gardening Club are adding interest and shape to the gardens on the estate by planting evergreen shrubs to increase appreciation of the gardens and also to encourage local residents to join the club and be part of an activity which has many health benefits.

  • Friends of the Avon New Cut

    Friends of the New Avon Cut are establishing a community gardening club at Butterfly Junction and working with social prescribers, they will support people who might not otherwise have had opportunities to maintain a garden.

  • Friends of Arnos Court Park

    Friends of Arnos Court Park will be working with adults and young people who need additional help to reskill and find work, and together they will plant native trees and wildflowers in a corner of the park to enhance and boost nature.

    Friends of Arnos Court Park

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