• Why your parks matter...

    In today's busy cities parks matter more than ever. Scroll right to explore some of the key reasons why parks are important and how we can help by working together.

  • Nature

    A great park is rich in nature and a wildlife haven for birds, insects, bees and butterflies. Our trees and green spaces give us cleaner air and park ponds support a unique ecosystem. Whether it is preserving habitats or re-wilding spaces to tackle climate change, there is so much we can do together.

  • Health

    A park can be an outdoor gym, a space to walk and run or somewhere peaceful to spend time. There are so many benefits for our health, both physical and mental. Parks are places that help us remain well, to recover or improve our health. We would like more people to enjoy these benefits.

  • Play

    From learning to ride a bike, playing ball with dad, to painting a landscape, parks are great spaces for everyone. In our increasingly busy lives the chance to get outdoors to be active or creative is even more important. We would like more people to enjoy being in their park.

  • Access

    Parks are free to visit and it is important that everyone feels welcome. We would like our parks to be even more connected to their communities, to improve access and ensure everyone is able to enjoy their park.

  • Story

    What is special to you about your park? Is it filled with memories of childhood adventures or family picnics? Did you meet someone you love there or remember a special event? We would like to hear your park stories both past and present…

Why your park is so important

Here are a few interesting facts showing how parks have such an important effect on our lives in Bristol and Bath…


estimated annual saving to the NHS as a result of parks and green spaces – Fields in Trust 2018


of people believe that open spaces improve their quality of life. – CABE Urban Green Nation 2010


of UK households with children under five that visit their local park at least once a month. – State of UK Public Parks 2016 Heritage Lottery Fund


of people in Bristol visited parks at least once a week, (down 6% since 2017) in the last year and fewer in deprived areas (41%). – Bristol City Council Quality of Life Survey 2018

50% +

of young people highlighted improvements to parks as being one of their top 3 priorities (of which just over 25% chose it as their top priority). – BANES Household Survey (Green Space Strategy)


number of trees looked after by Parks Team in Bath and North East Somerset Council on council owned land within the district.