Bee-ing Active in Bath

Our Bee Active volunteer group moves around Bath's parks competing a variety of tasks, with a focus on transforming habitats across the City.

Tasks are varied but mostly habitat creation work, such as making log piles, dead hedges, tree planting and maintenance, sowing wildflower meadows and creating other pollinator-friendly habitats. This is a summary of just some of the things we've been up to:

Brickfields Park

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During V Nature sessions with University of Bath students, we've been rejuvenating the bug hotel, sowing wildflower seed around the nature pond margins and taking care of the hundreds of trees we planted in 2022.

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Henrietta Park

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Bee Active worked with volunteers at Henrietta Park to build a stumpery.

A stumpery is sunken logs that provide habitat for invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals, as well as being home to a variety of pollinator plants and ferns. This is an ambitious project which developed after a large tree had to be felled - we made use of it by providing the logs for the stumpery.

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Much more

V Nature E is for Environment

These are just a couple of examples - we're working in 18 parks across Bath to reintroduce natural habitats!

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