Parks 4 All: parks for all ethnicities

The health benefits of regular access to green space are well documented, but not everyone has access to these benefits.

Unequal access

Asian picnic

Groundwork's Out of Bounds report, 2021 found that people from low income households or areas, minority ethnic groups and Disabled people are among the groups least likely to use parks and therefore missing out.

These findings play out locally, with only 38% of Disabled people in Bristol using parks at least once a week, 46% of Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and 40% of people living in the 10% most deprived areas (Bristol QoL Survey, 2023).

In 2021, we completed research to understand the experiences of Disabled people and caregivers when trying to use local parks and we're actioning the recommendations.

Now we want to understand how different ethnic groups in Bristol and Bath find using parks.

New research

Netham Park

We are working with the University of Bath to engage with different ethnic groups across Bristol & Bath to understand their experiences of the city's parks and what would need to change for them to use them more.

Like our work with Disabled people and caregivers, the research will be action focused and all identified recommendations will be embedded in our partnerships and plans for years to come.

Tell us about your local parks

Netham Park mounds

We are inviting people from different cultures to tell us us about their local parks.

If you use parks regularly, please complete this survey to tell us about your experience.

Take the survey

Don't use park at the moment?

Workshop 2

Join us and other local people for two hours over coffee & lunch. We will have translators to help you tell us what changes are needed in parks and you we will provide £30 vouchers for your participation.

We will be holding these conversations in Lawrence hill, Easton, Knowle, Whitchurch & Southmead.

Register your interest in taking part below here.


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