Calling all small businesses

If you run or work for a small business we understand that you’re pulled in many different directions. It’s never been easier for you to sustainably support us through your sales.

By pledging your donation via our Work for Good page, you can join a growing community of like-minded businesses and donate in a way that works for you.

You can choose the amount and frequency, plus with no minimum donation amount, you can give as you grow.

To support us through your sales, you must have a Commercial Participation Agreement, which is created through the Work for Good donations form.

Once this agreement is in place, you'll be able to publicise your giving and share your support for Your Park bristol and Bath. We'll do the same too through social media, our website and communications.

man on a skate.

Use your sales for good

We’d love to join you on your journey as you use your sales for good. Kick start your sales fundraising by creating your agreement here.