Brickfields Park

In 2020, Bath and North East Somerset Council discovered that more than 90% of local people wanted to get involved with supporting more nature in Brickfields Park.

Now, supported by the People's Postcode Lottery, we are bringing Brickfields Park to life by creating new habitats for nature and running community events and activities.

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New habitats for nature

Brickifleds deadhedge

We have been working with local people to introduce:

  • Two wildflower meadow area
  • Nearly 1,000 trees and spring bulbs
  • A dead-hedge
  • A wildlife pond

All of which will support hundreds of new species in the park.

Making space for young people

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Brickfields Park has the only free to use, full sized basketball court in the city. Teenagers travel to use it, but there isn't much available aside from this.

We're working with Make Space for Girls to understand what teenagers, especially girls, want for Brickfields Park.

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    Brickfields Park is a wonderful green space that has so much potential.

    In the 2020 Bath and North East Somerset Council asked what local people wanted from the park and discovered:

    • 93% supported the idea of a nature improvement area within the park
    • 79% stated that they would be prepared to volunteer to support nature improvements
    • 39% wanted marked areas for walking and running routes
    • 45% wanted to see more sports and activities

    Since the consultation, the Council has been opening up the park entrances, installing new benches and opening sight lines across the park.

    We have worked with the local community to run nature focused sessions and activities to introduce the new habitats that will make this park a more welcoming place for nature and people.

    To help people connect with Brickfield Park, we are also running a programme of free lunchtime yoga sessions and we run a range of family friendly activities at weekends.