An Accessible Hartcliffe Millennium Green – Project Wrap Up

Our partners, Disabled people and carers from Hartcliffe, have worked hard to create an Accessibility Plan for Hartcliffe Millennium Green. Over the course of three workshops and a park visit, the group came up with lots of ideas for changes and then decided together on the most important priorities to put in the plan.

The plan covers four areas for potential improvements – accessibility, nature, health and wellbeing, and community.

It builds on and supports the hard work of Friends of Hartcliffe Millenium Green who have successfully secured much needed funding to improve accessibility of the park gate and resurfacing of the paths.


HMG Hartcliffe gate

These changes are about making the park more accessible to local Disabled people and carers. The ideas cover many types of change from offering more information about the park online, to more accessible benches, to making the path better for visually impaired people.


Hartcliffe Mil green

These changes will focus on making the nature and wildlife in the park better. Partners decided they’d like more plants and flowers to add colour and interest. This will also make the park better for wildlife.

Health & wellbeing

Photo nature hartcliffe

These changes will make the park safer and improve the health of people who visit. Our partners wanted more lighting in the park, separate pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, and a sensory trail.


Roots to Wellbeing 2

These changes will help to make the park a better place for the local community to use. Our partners decided they would like to see more accessible benches, and fun pop-up events taking place in the park.

Next steps...


In March the plan will be launched through a community event that celebrates the hard work of our partners. The event will also introduce the plan the local community, organisations, businesses and politicians, to get their support to bring it to life.

We’ve written up what we’ve learnt through the process into a toolkit, which we hope to roll out across more parks in Bristol. Watch this space.