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    Celebrating incredible park volunteers across Bristol and Bath

    On Saturday the 3rd February, joined by Bristol Councellor Ellie King and BANES Councellor Dr Bharat Pankhania, we celebrated the hundreds of park volunteers that go the extra mile to bring their parks to life.

    We had a lovely morning at the Bristol Beacon. It was great celebrating and connecting with all the amazing park volunteers from across Bristol and Bath. With over 100 of you in attendance, it really was a joyous celebration. Thank you to everyone who came along, who nominated, and to all the park volunteers across our two cities for your amazing work. We can't wait to see more of what you do to support our local parks and green spaces.


    Split into individual awards and group awards, your winners for Bristol and BANES, and the Community Choice Award are ...

    Bristol winners

    Volunteer of the Year
    Luke Cooper

    Young Adult Volunteer of the Year
    Dylan Peters

    Young Volunteer of the Year
    Hartcliffe Club for Young People

    Happy and Healthy
    Belfast Walk Community Garden

    Community Connectors
    Redcatch Community Garden

    Nature Lovers
    Manor Woods Valley

    BANES winners

    Volunteer of the Year
    Andy Tapper

    Young Adult Volunteer of the Year
    Robin Chan

    Young Volunteer of the Year
    Emmy Habgood

    Happy and Healthy
    Alice Park Community Garden

    Community Connectors
    Friends of Henrietta Park

    Nature Lovers
    Wild About Weston

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      "Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our parks. We need them to be a voice for our parks ... they are able to grow capacity and agency, and a sense of belonging for people in their communities to make great stuff happen..." - Bristol Councellor Ellie King

      "They are making those places accessible and better ... I'm grateful to them, really grateful to them, because in adversarial circumstances where we haven't got that funding, at least the volunteers are making it happen." - BANES Councellor Dr Bharat Pankhania

      Community Choice Award

      Community Choice Winner - Redcatch

      With 301 of the 1000 votes received, the winner was Redcatch Community Garden.

      “We are absolutely delighted to win two awards. Huge thank you to the individuals and panel who voted for us, we are thankful and grateful for this recognition and motivated to continue all we do for our community.”

      Judy Gowenlock, who organised the celebration said:
      "The awards are about celebrating all that volunteers do, across our cities, for their parks and green spaces. Many residents of all ages and backgrounds give up their free time to make our parks and green spaces more welcoming places to be, places which benefit our health and places which support nature. It has been inspiring and heartwarming to read the nominations for all the individuals and groups and I would like to say a big thank you to them for all that they do. We finally wanted to say a huge thanks to Hargreaves Lansdown for sponsoring the awards.”

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