Tony's story

"If everyone who has ever recognised the benefit of their local park did something – a little bit – then parks would be secure and continue proffering unlimited benefits for everyone in the future. Be the change."

Alice Park

Alice Park 2

Alice Park was originally gifted to the people of Bath by Herbert MacVicar, and was opened in 1938 by Queen Mary. The space is also home to Alice Park Community Garden.

Thanks to Tony and the volunteers who look after Alice Park, it's a thriving community 'hub' hosting regular events. Having a space like this is driven by passion - we're lucky to have it in Bath. But one in three local people do not have access to parks.

Alice Park

Meet Tony

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Tony, is the owner of Alice Park Cafe. Since discovering Alice Park in 1991 when his son was born, Tony found joy and solace when visiting. He noticed the calming effect the park had on both him and his son. He always dreamt of re-opening the tea rooms and creating a welcoming space for all.

After years away, Tony returned to Bath and did just that. He opened Alice Park café in 2008.

"A chance to reflect"

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"I’ve been in business for most of my life, and this means that I frequently have to make big decisions which can affect several people.

Peace and solitude in this crazy world is hard to find – until you discover your local park. It’s a chance to think. A chance to reflect, ask questions and get uncluttered answers, away from the hustle and bustle of city and business life. And that’s just one element.

Reimagining Parks

"not everybody can access parks which is shocking"

Alice Park

My true park passion though takes on a much bigger picture – it’s the community. I have tried hard to create a community, because I just KNOW how important parks are. Working in the community drives me forward, and that’s why parks are so important to me.

I don’t think there is a single other activity with only positive benefits and outcomes, all for free. It’s free dopamine and great for your head, heart and body."

But not everybody can access parks which is shocking."

Reimagining Parks

Don’t leave it up to anyone else

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When we think of parks, we may think of nature, recreation or relaxation. But parks offer so much more than that - they can have a profound affect on community life.

In support of Reimagining Parks and the 200,000 local people shut out, Tony goes on to say:

"Think about all those times when you needed to cry for clarity, and all those times you laughed. The first walk with the kids, the first walk with the grandkids, learning to ride a bike, watching the first buds of spring as the world awakens after winter. And once you've done that...

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And once you have done that

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...think about how you can ensure that someone else reaps those benefits – because everyone should benefit from a park? Otherwise where would your children and grandchildren go?

Make it count. Don’t leave it up to anyone else. Be the change that is needed and help more people access parks through Reimagining Parks. You can also consider protecting parks for future generations and making the ultimate statement by leaving Your Park a gift in your Will."

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