Team Day Activities

We offer a variety of activities throughout the year, so you can get involved and make a positive impact all year round. Everything you do will leave a permanent, positive mark on the community.

Spring & Summer

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  • Save water and protect trees and plants by mulching.
  • Make a permanent mark by building nature ponds, steps, pathways and benches.
  • Craft bug hotels and dead hedges, giving thousands of species a home and food.
  • Breathe in parks' microscopic organisms which promote production of serotonin.
  • Get stuck-in to The Big Clean Up in low income neighbourhoods where access to parks is vital for health. Restore and enhance spaces through weeding, clearing litter or cutting back.
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Autumn & Winter

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  • Lock-in carbon and support biodiversity by planting trees, hedgerows, bulbs and wildflower meadows.
  • Try your hands at coppicing, a woodland management technique dating all the way back to the Stone Age.
  • Give scything a go. Some say that the rhythmic movement of the blade resembles tai chi, inducing mindfulness in nature. The blade is a win for wildlife too, giving insects and animals space to to move away and eliminating polluting lawn mowers.
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