Transforming health & wellbeing through parks

Just 10 minutes in nature can reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. If everyone used parks regularly the NHS could save £2.1 billion every year (Defra).

Our parks provide free, nature rich and accessible community spaces on your doorstep.

We are working to support communities in areas with the poorest health to use their local parks more

Empowering communities

We are working in Hartcliffe, Withywood, Stockwood and Newtown to support communities, organisations and individuals to help their community use their local parks more.

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Nature therapy sessions

Roots to Wellbeing is our leading green social prescribing project, supporting people struggling with their mental health and loneliness in five parks across Bristol & Bath.

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Neil's Story

Bath brickfields roots

Neil is in his late 40s and has diagnoses of Schizophrenia and Depression. He has also had periods in his life where he has struggled with suicidal thoughts. He was referred to Roots to Wellbeing as he had been feeling very lonely and anxious following his wife dying in March 2021.

He says he really looks forward to Roots to Wellbeing each week and enjoys being in a place with friendly people and feels accepted .

He says coming to the Group has ‘brought me out of my shell and ‘helps me cope a bit more than I otherwise would be’. He describes it as a ‘lifesaver’.

He says he has really enjoyed the time in nature and although he has always cycled through the park, now notices things more and values the peace it brings him.

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