Local Nature Champions

Local Nature Champions are companies like yours who care about their impact on biodiversity and want to make a difference in the long term. Join the growing network and reap the benefits.

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Parks are one of the most species-rich urban green spaces in our cities. The habitats and microhabitats within these parks depend on us for biodiversity to thrive. We are the only charity who can work in any Bristol or Bath park meaning we can have a real impact as scale.

Work with our charity to champion biodiversity in our parks.

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Long-term impact

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Team Days are included. Through team building activities in your local parks, informative workshops and regular conservation walks, you’ll be making a long-term commitment to nature and create positive change not just in your community but at the office and in the lives of your employees.

Team Days


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  • Regular conservation walks in a local park
  • Bespoke Team Days tailored to the needs of your company
  • Networking opportunities with other Local Nature Champions
  • Biodiversity consultancy with recommendations for greening your office (future offer)
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Why join?

Increase employee wellbeing and retention

Improve your brand identity and reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to the community and environment in a hands-on way